Vintage Purse

Download Project PDF

  • Vogue pattern 8628, view D
  • Fabrics of choice for purses, flaps & linings (refer to pattern for exact yardages)
  • Notions (refer to pattern)
  • Embellishments for purse flaps styles: large button, pendant, felt & wool roving
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Interfacing
  • Pearl cotton
  • Warm & Natural batting
  • Disappearing fabric marker
  • Needle felting supplies
  • Fabric glue
  1. Reduce Vogue pattern pieces on a copy machine to 78%.
  2. Cut out pieces as directed, using included patterns for flaps.
  3. Follow basic pattern directions to create purse, with the following exceptions for flaps:
Tweed flap with button: Flap is cut with grain of fabric on fold. Baste interfacing to wrong side of front, with right sides together, sew front and back flap pieces together. Clip corners, trim interfacing, turn and press. Use one strand of pearl cotton and hand sew rows of long running stitches along flap. Begin at the fold with lines close together and spread out the distance between lines as you go. Use the weave of the fabric as a guide for sewing lines. Complete purse as instructed. Sew large button to corner of flap when purse is finished.
Suede flap with pendant: Baste batting to wrong side of front, with right sides together. Sew front and back flap pieces together. Clip curve as needed, trim batting, turn and press. Lay pendant onto flap, use the disappearing fabric marker to draw concentric circles around pendant. Using metallic thread, hand sew a back stitch around pendant following drawn lines, or use a sewing machine to machine quilt on lines. Complete purse as instructed. Sew pendant in place when purse is finished.
Print flap with flower: Complete purse as instructed. Using needle felting supplies, follow manufacturer's directions to felt a matching flower and leaves. Sew or glue flower and leaves to flap.