Easy DIY Lamp Shades

Adding color, pattern & texture to a room is easy, with these self decorated lamp shades. I will teach you the techniques & tricks to creating your own retro, modern, country, chic, & eclectic lamp shade.

1. Cut pressure-sensitive styrene into panels slightly larger than the sides of the lampshade frame using a rotary cutter and cutting mat. Iron the fabric.

Peel the backing off the styrene and press onto the wrong side of the fabric. Trim around the edges, leaving a little excess fabric beyond the edge of the styrene.

3. Wrap double-stick tape around lampshade frame.

On one panel, peel the backing off the tape and position the lampshade frame onto the styrene fabric.

. Trim the top, bottom and edges of the styrene fabric close to the frame edge using scissors. Repeat for the other three panels.
6. Draw a thin line of glue down the edge of the lampshade.
7. Lay down the soutache to hide the seams between panels. Pull it taught. Repeat for the other three edges. Trim at the corners when dry.
8. Spread glue onto the first 4 inches of grosgrain ribbon with a paintbrush.
9. Starting 1 inch from the bottom corner, place the glued grosgrain along the bottom edge of the frame on the fabric side of the shade extending halfway over the frame edge so it can wrap around the frame to the inside.

Paint glue onto another 6 inches of the ribbon and pull gently while placing it down onto the fabric of the shade. Wrap the ribbon around the frame toward the inside, mitering the corner.

Continue around the bottom of the shade and trim to overlap the starting point of the ribbon. Repeat on the top of the shade, making sure to snip around the shade clip.
12. Starting at a bottom corner, draw a thin line of glue around the fabric edge of the grosgrain ribbon on one side of the shade.
13. Lay down soutache on the glue to finish the edge of the ribbon. Repeat on the next three sides.

Trim at the joining corner and dab on extra glue to prevent the soutache from fraying. Repeat on the top of the shade, making sure to line up joining corners.

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