Sprucing up the Guest Bedroom

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Summertime is upon us, and the living is (hopefully) easier! We can already taste the backyard barbeques, swimming parties and sun-drenched activities that will inevitably ensue.  You may have kids returning from college for their summer break, or maybe the in-laws are stopping by for an extended visit.  Regardless who you'll have visiting, you'll want to prepare a space for them that is at once cozy and inviting.

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A Comfortable Bed
A double bed with 3-4 supportive sleeping pillows should be adequate.  Supply cotton linens to maximize sleep comfort, freshly laundered and ironed for a welcoming arrival.  You also might leave out extra light or heavy blankets if needed.  A canopy bed provides an elegant setting that will impress your guests and make them feel like they are staying at a luxurious 5-star hotel.


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Minimal and Simple Decor
There's nothing more stress-inducing in a room than seeing disorganized clutter.  Try to keep the guest room’s decor as simple as possible, with just a few decorative items such as a bright floral arrangement on a dresser or night stand.  Keep a few books and magazines, as well as a notepad, stationary and pens handy, as well as a reading lamp near the bed for convenience.

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Storage Space
If you lack closet space, provide a storage area such as an armoire for your guests' clothes and belongings.  Provide several hangers, especially for hanging jackets and sweaters, and perhaps leave a few empty drawers reserved for smaller clothing articles.
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Bathroom Basics
Whether your guests will have their own bathroom or will share one, it's important to leave them space for their toiletries and personal items.  Provide a supply of soap, shampoo, toothpaste as well as several washcloths and bath towels for your guests.  Don't forget to leave a clothes bin for used linens and towels, especially if your guests will be staying for an extended period of time.
Make Them Feel at Home
Summer means heat, so providing a pitcher of cool water and drinking glasses for your guests will be a much appreciated gesture.  Think ahead about items they may need while staying with you - perhaps a bath robe, bed slippers, a vanity mirror or a comfy chair will truly make them feel welcome.  Your guests will love staying with you, and thank you for your making them feel at home.