Design Ideas for a Large Living Room

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Perhaps you have plans to furnish a living room area, and immediately think of placing a sofa, coffee table and maybe a few arm chairs together.  However, if you've a larger living room space to fill, and are at a loss for how to best utilize the extra space, here are some of our favorite design tips.

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One insider tip well known by designers is that although symmetry in design is visually appealing to the eyes, it is nonetheless unnecessary.  Consider the possibilities when focusing on an asymmetrical furniture layout design.  This may entail going with a single end table by the sofa, and placing an additional occasional table by a cozy arm chair.  Or it could mean mixing and matching various shapes and styles of accent chairs within the room.  This design approach is not only freeing, but adds a certain depth of character to your overall space, as you will have the opportunity to contribute more of your taste and personality into your design.

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  As can be seen in the living areas above, asymmetry in an interior layout can be just as beautiful as symmetrical design.

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Photo via South Shore Decorating

Beautiful interior designs which place comfort as a priority hold a special place in our hearts, especially within living rooms.  Living rooms after all, are intended for living in, and your comfort level within your home plays an important part in your overall well-being.  For this reason, a cozy, occasional chair and ottoman positioned next to patio doors to enjoy a cool, summer breeze is, for us, a most clever design plan. 

Larger living areas afford more space to work with, and one never-fail option is to add extra seating.  One can never know when it’s needed!  Perhaps you would like to display a collection of decadent accent chairs, or maybe you prefer a large sectional or multiple sofas.  Whichever pieces you go with should ultimately factor in your lifestyle – casual or formal, low maintenance or elegantly cozy.  Whatever you choose, take into account how you'd like to spend your time within that space, and focus your design style around it.

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