Building Your Dream Home Library

Photo via Haleh Design

                   Deisgned by Martin Kemp. Photo by Andrew Twort via Architectural Digest.
Home libraries come in all shapes that tell us a unique story about the owners who built it.   Whether you have T.S. Eliot and Edgar Allen Poe hanging out on your shelves, or a display of special travel mementos and family photos, your personal library's contents says a great deal about who you are.

Photo via tumblr.

Bookshelves are a fun way to keep a myriad of wondrous keepsakes, but it’s often overlooked as a way to display artwork and other framed items.  The delightful library above for example, puts to use eye-catching color enhanced by plenty of natural light.  Add a cozy sofa and accent rug and you have yourself the perfect oasis for settling down with a favorite book.
Photo via Beautiful-Libraries
An intricately carved wooden desk and vintage accent chair can bring your space that old-world charm.  Surround them with favorite oil paintings and sketches to create a European-style setting.  The floor-to-ceiling shelving filled with collected hardcovers will make any bookworm swoon.

Photo via Home Ideas.
An executive desk and formal sitting area complete with a traditional loveseat, makes for an idyllic place for casual meetings, should you also choose to use your library as a home office. Check the gorgeous glass-paneled wall unit/bookcase, which keeps those cherished first editions safe, yet proudly displayed.

Photo via Designing Rugs.

An accent rug with a unique design such as the one above sets a cozy atmosphere within your library. A handsome round dining table and a few luxury arm chairs make for a truly welcoming library. 
We love this look so much, we couldn’t help but post a few more photos to make you swoon:

Photo via tumblr.


Designed by Alexa Hampton. Photo by Kim Sargent via Architectural Digest.

Rounded, built-in bookcases work especially well with round tables, giving a sense of infinite space as the eyes will never reach an ending.  The pastel blue of the curtains and tufted sofa complete the room with a hint of color.
A few pedestal tables we love:

Photo via Maitland-Smith.

Photo via Century Furniture.

Photo via Home Adore

Photo via tumblr.

Home libraries will always have that endearing charm, one which never fails to spark curiosity, as stacks of books, magazines and journals promise a world of new insight and perspectives.
Perhaps the main appeal of home libraries is that they are the only room in the house that takes you to places beyond its four walls - the stories within bring memories of the past, dreams of the future, and never-ending travel of the mind.